You're my music.

"That weird girl."


Aly Antorcha.

The day I leave it.

Give me your eyes.



Lost myself again.


upside down. like life.

Just nu;


color the world for me.

Take Aim.

How I draw hair.

As promised. Sorry it's so late. This took like forever so I hope you atleast like it a little, haha ♥

Okey. First I start with drawing her face. Then I just sketch out some hair-"pieces".

Continue with the whole hair.

Ink it. I use a pen from Letraset. I really really like it.

Erase what you sketched.

Use a small fineliner for thinner lines on the hair. This takes forever and it's really boring, but the result is awesome. Be patient.

Lalala... This takes forever. I tell you.

Finally done.

Now I just color with some random color. I chose pink this time. Because it's awesome to have pink hair. Admit it.

As I said.. Color..

Now I take another fineliner and make thicker lines on some parts of the hair. This gives the hair more structure. Ofcourse you don't have to.

This is how it can look..

I wanted to draw some kind of bottom, so I just drew a sweater. I don't know why but this drawing reminds me of Harry Potter/Hogwarts. Hahaha, don't ask why.

So this is the finished drawing;


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